Comprehensive Transmission Work

The transmission is one of the most vital components of your vehicle. Whether your gearbox is manual or automatic we are trained and certified to repair. If your transmission "slips" or "drops" make us your first call. Our expert mechanics can diagnose your drivetrain issues and offer the most optimal solution for your budget.

We are "geared" to offer the best service and solution for your transmission fix.

Transmission Services

  • Replacement - our trained and certified technicians can entirely replace your transmission and to return your automobile to clutch performance status
  • Maintenance - fluid checks and gasket replacements are included in our maintenance programs as are transmission lines and cooler replacements
  • System flush (fluid flush) - generally your transmission should be flushed every two years or 30,000 miles, sooner if you are hearing grinding noises, unexplained surging or are experiencing sluggishness shifting gears
  • Programming and updates - on newer model cars especially, there are software updates to the computer module that governs the transmission, bring your car in and let us take a look (only on select manufacturers/makes/models)
  • Transfer case - as part of the drivetrain this is where power is transferred from the transmission to the front and rear axels, if your gears slip or grind come have your system checked
  • Sensors - typically there are two sensors to communicate the transmission data to the vehicle's powertrain control module, the input and output sensors which monitor the shaft speeds
  • Gaskets - these seal the deal, a poor gasket can lead to fluid leaks and extensive transmission damage
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No Problem We Can't Fix

There are various services that your transmission may need and we can provide them all. We use advanced testing and diagnostic equipment along with top quality parts to ensure an outstanding job every time. From system flushes to system programming and even complete transmission replacement, our team of expert technicians can get your transmission running like never before. We'll have you back on the road quickly and affordably, our performance will be "clutch."