Effective Muffler and Exhaust Services

No matter the type of vehicle you drive, make sure its exhaust system is working properly by having it inspected and repaired by Smith Muffler.  If it rattles, groans or screams we can fix your problem.  Noisy exhaust systems are troublesome not only to your ears but to your automobile's performance.  Our complete line of exhaust systems means that we will most likely have your particular muffler in stock and can get your repairs done immediately.  We specialize in custom and high-performance exhaust systems - you bring us the car and we will fix it!

Don't be exhausted over your muffler let us replace that noisy ole' thing.


Benefits of an Improved Exhaust

  • Cooler running temperatures - a proper exhaust enables the engine to cool itself and run more efficiently
  • Repair and replacement - if your muffler pipe is bent or in disrepair replace it, the better the system the better the results
  • Improved performance - a sound running exhaust system can improve the overall performance of your automobile
  • Custom pipe bending - do you need something customized?  We can do that, making your exhaust system fit your car
  • Increased gas mileage - the more efficient your exhaust system the better your entire car runs and the less gas you burn
  • Improved airflow - the more air moved through your exhaust system means the better your car performs
  • Noise control - this is a no-brainer, a new muffler will be quieter for sure!
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HIGH PERFORMANCE -  we offer exhausts for more powerfully optimized engines under the hoods of exotic sport, classics, muscle and all-terrain vehicles. It’s important to remember that every part of the system has the power to work with or against the vehicle’s ability to perform - we can build your high-performance system

Lifetime Guarantee on Repairs

All stock mufflers (excludes high performance) installed at our shop are guaranteed for life, while all exhaust pipes are guaranteed for 1 year.  If you have an issue, simply bring in your receipt for the previous services rendered and we will work on the parts again at no additional charge.  We are here for you, as your premier automotive service provider.