Certified Automotive Maintenance

The ASE Certified Technicians at Smith Muffler are trained to keep your car operating at its best.  Our technicians receive continual training on the most up-to-date component and digital features of all automobiles, making our mechanics some of the best trained in the industry.  Expect top-quality services and competitive prices from our dedicated team.

An automotive maintenance schedule will extend the life of your vehicle
- we can set your calendar, get you on a schedule and be your performance partner.

Do you have a business with multiple vehicles? Smith Muffler offers entire fleet/commercial maintenance service, including scheduled maintenance, emergency care and reliable repairs. Your fleet gets 100% attention and immediate response for any and all service needs, consider our fleet service your ticket to first in line.  Learn more about our fleet offerings here:

Fluid Inspection and More

  • Automatic transmission fluid - the gears in your car determine your direction, speed and performance, checking the level and the cleanliness of the transmission fluid is imperative
  • Coolant and antifreeze - no one wants a overheated car, we can check, replace and refill your fluids and check your radiator, fan and belts too, making certain the whole system is up to par
  • Windshield wiper fluid - it is inevitable the very moment that you splash mud on the windshield, the wiper fluid is empty, stop in and we can top that off
  • Power steering fluid - end that squeal every time you turn a corner. If your steering is hard to control, have us check your fluid level
  • Tire maintenance - correct air pressure in your tires to help gas mileage, longevity and safety, it is a simple fix with huge benefits
  • Diagnostics - where is the ringing, can you hear that thumping, why is my car doing that - we can find the issue!
  • Oil changes - stop right in and get your oil changed, help your car run better and cleaner - while you are here, we can top off all your fluids
  • NO APPOINTMENTS necessary - get here early and we will get you out the door fast - please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for quick resolutions to many of your inquiries

Third Generation Expertise

As a third generation family business and soon to be a fourth our success is based on your referral. If we perform great service for you, we want you to tell a friend, bring in a family member and share with your social media followers.

Our mechanics have at least 20 years of automotive repair and maintenance experience, from a Nova to a Porsche. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic system is tops in the industry. We're known in the community for our expertise and making our customers a priority, we have decades of experience to put to work for you.