Battery Repair and Replacement

Battery issues?  Your battery is the catalyst to starting your vehicle, if it is low on power you could be stranded.  Let us perform a load test on your battery and determine if it is repairable or needs to be replaced. The lifespan of an automobile battery is typically three years and after four or five years most car batteries will become unreliable.  Have your battery checked at every oil change, make sure the cables are good, the connections secure and the hold down hardware is tight.

We are "charged" with making sure your vehicle has the energy to move on and with keeping the dome light lit.

Power for Cars, Trucks and Motorhomes

  • Cars - we specialize in automobile batteries, offering a full line of power cells and price points to keep you charged
  • Trucks - battery technology is continually updated to match the increasing electronic demand, especially truck batteries as they now have better performance than ever before and we have them to "keep you trucking!"
  • Motorhomes, RVs and Motorcoaches - we offer both battery types for your mobile castle the standard starter battery and RV battery or deep cycle cell
  • Do you still have a battery of questions? - visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Batteries are not sold over the counter (nor are any other parts) - All batteries sold through Smith Muffler are to be installed on the car at our shop by our technicians.  We also offer safe recycling of your original battery as part of our desire to protect our environment.

A Name You Can Trust

Smith Muffler has provided unsurpassed service to the Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati community since 1924. Our valued customers continue to come back because they know they can depend on us for all their automotive needs. Our dedicate team is ready for any challenge, our experience and professionalism are unmatched and our focus is always on you, our customer. As we "install" our fourth generation of automobile specialists, we look to continue the legacy our grandfather set of integrity, quality and value.